About the Selfie Dad Filmmakers

Picture of Paul Long from on Selfie Dad movie

Paul Long

Paul Long is the founder and President of Kappa Studios, Inc., a full-service production and post facility in California. He has over thirty years of experience in the film and television industries. Outside of working on Selfie Dad, Paul recently produced the documentary Putin.
Picture of Brad Silverman from on Selfie Dad movie

Brad Silverman
Writer / Director

Brad Silverman is a former comedian turned filmmaker turned theologian. Selfie Dad is his third Christian feature film, following No Greater Love and Grace Unplugged. Grace Unplugged won multiple faith film awards, including awards from Movieguide, Focus on the Family, and the Dove Foundation. Brad received Movieguideā€™s Epiphany Award, which is given to creators of the best wholesome, uplifting, and inspiring movies and TV programs.

About Selfie Dad

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